Image cropping is just one of those features that you’ll find in many different apps so it’s nice to have some code you can just drop-in to add this functionality.

In the past I mentioned the excellent image manipulation library NXYImageUtilities that adds a number of image filters including a number of image filters, and image cropping capability.

Earlier I found a library allowing you to easily implement image cropping capabilities into your apps.

What makes this library different is that a simple UI is provided which makes it great for those times when you very quickly just want to drop in some some image cropping capability into an app.

Here’s a quick video showing the library in action:

The library is SSPhotoCropperViewController from Ahmet Ardal, and you can find the Github repository here.

Ahmet’s also posted further usage instructions on his site.

Very useful if you just want to add this image cropping functionality in fast.