Many successful apps have been based on custom photo filters, such as the highly popular Instagram app.

I’ve mentioned a really good image manipulation library in the past that allows for easy image manipulation providing cropping, and masking functionality along with several filters.

This new filter library is considerable different – specifically created so you can create customized image filters for great effects like that in this filtered image from the sample app:

Based on a popular open source javascript project also known as Filtrr this library provides many different filters that can be easily customized with methods allowing for easy changing of the brightness, contrast, saturation and tint of the image.  Also provided are basic scaling and cropping methods to make things easier.

The project is from Omid Hashemi, and can be found along with an example and usage instructions on Github here.

A very nice and easy to use library for making image filters with a little bit of fiddling around you can make some great classic style photo filters.